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"Probably one of the worst on-line experiences u'll have"

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This was the worst on-line shopping experience I've ever had till date. I bought a $35 DID number with Gizmo5 through google checkout. There was a delay of almost 24h until the number finally show up on my gizmo account page and when it finally does, it doesn't work at all. There is no customer support number for gizmo5 or any direct email addresses - the only contact platform with the company is through an online form on the website. After contacted they tell me that they acquire this numbers from different vendors and were contacting the one in question to find out what the problem was. One day later i am told that the number was erroneously posted as available on the website but that they would offer me a replacement. I accepted their proposed number but after that I hear nothing else from them until 3 days later - in spite of my repeated attempts to contact the company - when they tell me that the replacement number is no longer available!!! They then offer me yet a different replacement number, this time from a completely different area code and far inferior to the one purchased initially - and on the condition of having to pay an additional 100% of what i had already originally paid. I have since been writhing to them demanding either an equivalent replacement number or a refund and have no answer at all. In the meanwhile the original number was taken out of my account page and no refund offered.

This people are a very bad joke, stay well back!!

  • None
  • No customer support;
  • No contact numbers or platforms with the company;
  • Selling non-existent products;
  • No refund;
  • No reply to customer complaints

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02 Jun 2009

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